McMorris Proposes Novel Restaurant Idea on Red Eye

Washington Free Beacon reporter Bill McMorris had an interesting business idea last night in an appearance on Fox News Channel's Red Eye.

After dismissing complaints by millennials and parents with toddlers that restaurants are banning them from their establishments, McMorris stated that he "only wants to go to places that don't allow children or anybody who is [under] 25. It’s the best of both worlds."

The entrepreneurial gears in McMorris’ head started turning, and a moment later he postulated a new business idea.

"I don't mean to use [this show] as a platform to launch my venture capital firm, but I want to start a family restaurant where you can beat your children" without fear of condemnation, he said.

Restaurant patrons understandably don’t want to dine while toddlers misbehave, and business owners naturally want to cater to their clients. McMorris is suggesting that what patrons really want to see is responsible parents disciplining their children when they act out, instead of ignoring them and allowing their offspring to ruin the meals of everyone else.

The panel was reacting to a recent Washington Post op-ed in which a parent complained about being banned from restaurants because she has a toddler.

McMorris, who has children, opined that "My favorite thing about the woman claiming toddler discrimination is the fact that she said my kid is very well behaved. I don't believe that. This woman is whining in a national publication. That kid probably weeps every moment of every meal. If this woman is this whiny and raising this kid, I don't want to be near either of them."

Fellow guest and Fox host Kennedy agreed with McMorris, "If you have to write about it, I agree. The kid is a nightmare."