McAuliffe Flip-Flops On Obamacare Employer Mandate

September 6, 2013

A VCU student pressed Terry McAuliffe Thursday about the negative effects of Obamacare. The student specifically asked about the employer mandate and businesses cutting employees hours. McAuliffe seems to have changed his view on Obamacare's employer mandate from what he said in July:

QUESTION: A lot of us are working fewer hours on account of the healthcare…

MCAULIFFE: What’s that?

QUESTION: A lot of people are having to work fewer hours as a way for, uh…

MCAULIFFE: They pushed that off another until 2015.

QUESTION: Well, sure, but why do we have to wait.

MCAULIFFE: Well, they changed it so it’s not applicable for another year. That’s the new law.

QUESTION: A lot of us aren’t allowed to work for more than 29 hours or else we don’t.

MCAULIFFE: They pushed that off, you know.

QUESTION: Well, your opinion on that.

MCAULIFFE: Well, I think they’re looking at it. They pushed it off. It obviously affected so many people. I was very concerned about it because it affected a lot of community college professors who were adjunct professors and they would have lost them. I know they pushed it off at least a year and they’re looking at it again and hopefully figure it out so no one is affected.

QUESTION: I appreciate you trying to answer my question.

MCAULIFFE: Yeah, that’s the law, they pushed it off.

(H/T America Rising)

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