FedEx Driver Saves American Flag From Protesters Trying to Burn It

FedEx driver saves American flag from protesters / Twitter video screenshot

A FedEx driver saved an American Flag from protesters who were trying to burn it on Thursday.

The protesters had gathered at the pedestrian mall in Iowa City, Iowa.

The FedEx driver was able to grab the flag right before the demonstrators set it on fire. An unidentified passerby said, "I'm with this guy," referring to the driver.

"Get out of here," the passerby told the protesters.

"You want to take away our freedom?" a protester said.

"That's not freedom, that's treason, man," the passerby replied. "The clothes you wear on your back, was provided by that flag."

"I don't agree with Trump, no," he continued. "But this is not how you unite a country."

"You're gonna let the Illuminati run the planet, man?" a protester said.

The passerby told them to get a college education.

The FedEx driver returned to put out the fire of another flag the protesters were about to burn, still carrying the flag he rescued along with a fire extinguisher. When protesters tried to grab the flag he was carrying, he used the fire extinguisher to keep them away.

One of the protestors who tried to grab the flag said, "Don't assault me!"

The driver left with the flag, saving Old Glory.