CNN Fail: Anchor Can't Remember the Last Shooting at 'U.S. Military Facility'

September 16, 2013

During CNN’s coverage of the Washington D.C. Navy Yard shooting Monday morning, Carol Costello asked when the last time a gunman wrecked "havoc at a U.S. military facility." It would seem that Costello forgot about the 2009 Ft. Hood shooting that claimed the lives of 13 Americans. Below is a transcript of the conversation between Costello and reporter Brian Todd:

CAROL COSTELLO: I used to work in Washington, live in Washington. This seems so unusual to me that a gunman could create this kind of havoc at a U.S. military facility.


COSTELLO: Have you ever heard of it happening before, Brian? TODD: I'm sorry, Carol. I missed that question. Could you repeat it please?

COSTELLO: I was just saying that this is so unusual, because this is such a heavily-secured military facility. I've worked in Washington for many years, I've never heard of such a thing happening.

TODD: Well, we haven't either in this area, Carol. This is the first time we've seen something like this, at least in many, many years. Now you remember the Fort Hood shooting in 2009, where that was a member of the service who was convicted eventually of doing that shooting.

(H/T NewsBusters)

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