Bush Uses Golf Tournament to Help Wounded Veterans

Bush: 'You can be defeated or defeat your injury. They've chosen to defeat'

• September 27, 2013 10:06 am


Former President George W. Bush, who has been notably absent from the limelight, finally found a reason to appear in front of a camera, to discuss his "passion" project, the Warrior Open Golf Tournament. Speaking with ABC’s Josh Elliott, Bush gave a candid interview, full of the same steadfast leadership and inspiration we were witness to during his eight years as President.

"The example of folks out here today, is an important example of our citizens: you can be defeated or defeat your injury. They’ve chosen to defeat," Bush proudly said.

Elliott spotlighted Captain Matt Anderson, a 30 year old infantry platoon leader, who stepped on a land mine in Afghanistan and subsequently suffered from a horrible injury. Three years and almost 30 surgeries later, Anderson still experiences a constant lingering pain in his right foot. He has not let that stop him, though.

Anderson is nearly a scratch golfer and teaches other wounded warriors the game, which he says is a therapy of sorts. He spoke highly of President Bush "There’s not words to put into it, to have the full backing by the former Commander in Chief, on our world stage, is what we shoot for." Bush had kind words for Anderson in return, calling him "an amazing guy." He added that "Everyone of the people here said I’m not going to allow my injury get me down, and I want to live…That’s a great example of America’s strength."

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