38 Times ‘Woo Girls’ (And Boys) Screamed at Obama and Colbert

There were a lot "woo girls" and "woo boys" on the campus of George Washington University Monday night.

Brought to light by the popular CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, a "woo girl" is a type of female, or in this case person, who screams "Woo!" at the slightest provocation to show over-the-top enthusiasm for even the most mundane triumphs and moments.

True to the tradition of clapter-happy audiences of liberal Comedy Central shows who love being told what they think is so true and the other side is like, so stupid, the GW kids at Monday's taping of The Colbert Report with special guest President Obama were "woo-ing" in full force.

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Thirty-eight times, in fact, in response to such things like "Obamacare is the law of the land," Colbert telling them Obama steered the country through the worst financial crisis since The Great Depression, Obama saying how the Keystone Pipeline will cause more climate change, and of course, the more funny jokes.

They couldn't just laugh, like normal people. They had to woo. It was almost as bad as watching Dane Cook.

Unfortunately for the crowd, with Colbert too busy deferring to his guest, there was no time for him to destroy or obliterate anything.

The college kids did boo, at one point, when Colbert, in his still-fresh-after-all-these-years-faux-conservative routine, pointed out the benefits of Keystone.