$25,000 Scores Invite to American Conservative Editorial Meeting, Dinner

American Conservative founder Pat Buchanan
American Conservative founder Pat Buchanan / AP
September 26, 2014

The American Conservative magazine is offering deep-pocketed donors a chance to meet members of its editorial staff, listen in on its semi-annual editorial conference call, and even attend a dinner with the magazine’s editors, according to its latest fundraising letter.

The opportunities are part of the Patrick Buchanan-founded magazine’s intensive effort to reach its $20,000 fundraising goal by Oct. 31, chairman Wick Allison wrote in the letter.

The paleoconservative outlet, which has been criticized for its pro-Putin slant, tried to solicit donations by blasting Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R., Texas) pro-Israel speech earlier this month.

According to the latest letter, donors who give over $1,000 to the magazine will receive an invitation to a "semi-annual, invitation-only editorial briefing" phone call with The Little Way of Ruthie Leming author Rod Dreher, the American Conservative’s "theater critic and a solo blogger" Noah Millman, and political science professor Patrick Deneen.

Those who give over $5,000 will receive an invitation to "meet TAC editorial staff in Washington, D.C.," and those who give over $10,000 will receive an "invitation to annual private dinner with TAC editors."

Other American Conservative writers include League of the South member Daniel Larison and William Lind, who has been criticized for speaking at a Holocaust denial conference and running a website that advocates for a European ethno-state.

Top contributors who give over $25,000 will receive an invitation to the magazine’s annual board dinner.

"By aggressively utilizing online formats and social media, the American Conservative is reaching younger readers exceedingly well," wrote Allison.

The Washington Free Beacon reported last year that the magazine has fewer than 6,000 subscribers, and some of those subscribers had personal information leaked in January.