This Week In Campus Insanity Vol. 20

Harvard University (Twitter screenshot)
November 21, 2020

Welcome back to Campus Insanity, a weekly roundup of the craziest developments at our nation's 4,000-plus institutions of higher education. 

6. Open Letter Calls on Harvard to Create 'System of Accountability' for Inviting Trump Admin Alums to Campus| Washington Free Beacon

An open letter circulating at Harvard University is asking the school to create "accountability guidelines" for former Trump officials who are hired or invited to campus. According to the letter, inviting high-profile Trump appointees to the school legitimizes "the subversion of democratic principles."

5. University of Massachusetts Professor: We Don't Say White Male Composers' Full Names Because of 'Inequity' | Campus Reform

Music theory professor Chris White wrote an op-ed for Slate in which he argued for the "full naming" of composers like Beethoven and Mozart. Not using their first names, he said, creates a harmful, hierarchical system. 

4. Michigan State Apologizes for Diversity Training That Called Transgender Employees by Their Legal Names | The College Fix 

Michigan State University was forced to apologize after the school referred to employees by their legal names—not their preferred names—in a training module on "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Foundations."

3. University of Washington School of Drama Segregates Groups Based On Race, Sexuality | Campus Reform

To combat bigotry, the University of Washington theater department plans to segregate groups of student actors by race and sexuality. 

2. California Ethnic Studies Curriculum Claims Jews Have 'White Privilege' | The College Fix

A new ethnic studies curriculum from the California Department of Education claims Jews gain "racial privilege" through their "conditional whiteness," despite a newly released FBI report that shows Jews were a leading target of hate crimes in 2019. 

1. University of Washington Professor Proposes Developing Sex Robots for Older Disabled Adults | KIRO 7

Nancy Jecker, a bioethics and humanities professor at the University of Washington, published a paper on creating sex robots for older Americans to fight loneliness. She has clearly never watched Ex Machina.

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