Watch The 5 Most Ridiculous Entries in's Video Contest

October 14, 2014

As Lachlan reported last week, the left-wing activist group is running a contest to see who can produce the best campaign ad highlighting "the importance of money in politics, and why we need to fundamentally reform the way elections are funded."

The leading contender thus far is, ironically, an ad produced by a conservative nonprofit group attacking liberal billionaire Tom Steyer, who is by far the largest donor to outside spending groups in the current election cycle. The ad has roughly 15 times as many votes as the second place entry.

Objectively speaking, the anti-Steyer ad is clearly the most professionally made, although that’s a pretty low bar. The other, more conventionally left-wing videos are fairly ridiculous, as you might expect. Here are 5 of the most entertaining examples:

1. Money Talks (Get It?)

2. Puppet Show

3. Brain : Drugs :: America : Koch Brothers

4. Guy in His Living Room Who Thinks Every American Should Vote On Every Piece of  Legislation

5. The Political Pig