Media Outlets Still Calling Murdered Babies ‘Fetuses’

Wikimedia Commons

When is a baby not a baby? When an abortionist murders him.

Here's how the New York Times described the victims of Kermit Gosnell:

The verdict came after a five-week trial in which the prosecution and the defense battled over whether the fetuses Dr. Gosnell was charged with killing were alive when they were removed from their mothers.

Update: The NYT radically changed the story I linked to above. That graf is no longer in it. Which is good! However, I'm going to leave it here as a reminder to everyone how absurd the Times can be when they're not called out for their ridiculousness.

"The fetuses Dr. Gosnell was charged with killing." The AP, meanwhile, actually uses the term "babies" before sliding into a weird vernacular all of their own:

That left the jury to weigh charges involving fetuses identified as Baby A, Baby C, Baby D and Baby E.

"Fetuses identified as Baby A, Baby C, Baby D and Baby E" would not actually be fetuses, right? They would be babies. Planned Parenthood decided to skip silly semantic points altogether:

A just verdict. The jury has rightly convicted #Gosnell for his appalling crimes, ensuring no woman is victimized by him ever again.

No mention of the babies with the severed heads. That would be awkward for the nation's largest abortion provider to confront, wouldn't it?