Marilinda Garcia Will Not Be Denied

Marilinda Garcia Facebook
• September 10, 2014 3:02 pm


Marilinda Garcia’s win Tuesday night was never in doubt. The question was, just how much would she win by?

The avalanche of outside spending on both sides, Club for Growth backing Garcia and the NRCC backing Lambert, made the race appear closer than it actually was. Despite her illustrious resume, Garcia does need some work on the stump, which was the only thing Lambert could have exploited. That didn't happen.

The Democratic incumbent Garcia is attempting to unseat, Rep. Ann Kuster, is one of the blandest in the county. It'll be worth seeing if Kuster accepts Garcia's challenge to a Town Hall debate. 

It’ll also be nice to see that idiotic War on Women meme shut down before the general ever begins.

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If November pans out, Lambert and Kuster have this tweet by a Dem N.H. state rep to thank for their respective losses.

Sullivan's tweet ignited a firestorm of attention and was the catalyst that took a 30 year-old state representative to the brink of victory.

Garcia has the credentials. It's now up to her to finish the job.