Lingerie Business Registered to Jeanne Shaheen’s House (Photos)

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• July 11, 2013 2:25 pm


Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D., N.H.) did her part to reduce America’s unemployment by allowing her daughter, who operates her small business out of anti-business California, to register her "intimate apparel boutique" to the senator's address in business-friendly New Hampshire.

Buzzfeed first noticed that Naked Undies was registered to Shaheen’s house:

The business was registered in the state in 2011 as a limited liability company (LLC) by Shaheen’s husband Bill, a prominent attorney and Democratic political operative in New Hampshire. But reached for comment, Bill told BuzzFeed the business is run by their daughter, Molly, and her business partner.

"I didn’t select the name — that’s her name," he said. "But I encouraged her to start her own business because she’s a very talented girl."

Talented, Indeed/Instagram

Talented, Indeed/Instagram

I’m not in Molly Shaheen’s consumer base, but her products appear well-made, if a tad overpriced compared to a competitor. I’ll just chalk that up to costs of a start-up versus an established brand and Obamacare.


Naked Undies–$88.00


Victoria's Secret–$39.50


Naked Undies–$58.00

On Sale for $19.50

Victoria's Secret–On Sale for $19.50

Molly and partner, Rachel Zimmerman, probably need to set the prices higher because they proudly make Naked Undies in the U.S. of A., where domestic manufacturing costs have ballooned in the last few decades. This slickly edited promo for Naked Undies probably set the duo back a few as well:

Also, portions of their proceeds do go to a puppy charity and we all know from Buzzfeed, Americans love puppies.

Molly and Rachel, may I suggest "Panties for Puppies" when Naked Undies introduces an underwear line?



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