MSNBC is constantly apologizing for outrageous behavior

May 6, 2014

Poorly rated cable network MSNBC has issued yet another apology for offensive behavior after its Way Too Early staff "celebrated" Cinco de Mayo by wearing sombreros, shaking maracas, and drinking tequila on air.

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This has become something of a tradition for the struggling left-wing "news" network. Here’s a (partial) list of outrageous things MSNBC hosts have had to apologize for:

1. Making fun of Mitt Romney’s adopted black grandchild

Melissa Harris-Perry, who has been described as "America's most foremost public intellectual," apologized to the Romney family "without reservation or qualification" for exercising "poor judgement." Romney graciously accepted.

2. Endorsing urinating/defecating into Sarah Palin’s mouth

Martin Bashir, who was ultimately forced to resign from the network, issued an "unreserved" apology for his "wholly unacceptable" remarks.

3. Celebrating a hurricane that killed almost 300 people because it helped Obama get reelected

In 2012, Chris Matthews had to apologize for saying he was "so glad we had that storm," in reference to Hurricane Sandy, which had struck the east coast the previous week, killing nearly 300 people and inflicting billions of dollars in damage. The storm had "brought in possibilities for good politics," Matthews said, by helping Obama get reelected. He later said "it was a terrible thing to say," and suggested that he had misspoken due to exhaustion.

4. Calling Laura Ingraham a "right-wing slut"

Ed Schultz was suspended after he called conservative radio host Laura Ingraham a "right-wing slut" on his radio program. He issued a 4-minute apology on MSNBC for using "vile and inappropriate language."

5. Calling Scott Brown "an irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, tea-bagging supporter of violence against women and against politicians with whom he disagrees."

Erstwhile MSNBC outragemonger Keith Olbermann attacked then-Senate candidate Scott Brown (R., Mass.) for being "an irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, teabagging supporter of violence against woman and against politicians with whom he disagrees." Olbermann later "apologized" for leaving out the word "sexist."

Lean forward.

UPDATE 1: @JudeClemente reminds me of the time Chris Hayes said he was "uncomfortable" using the word "heroes" to describe American soldiers killed in combat. Doing so, Hayes argued, was "rhetorically proximate" to warmongering.

Hayes later said he was "deeply sorry" for failing to live up to his own "standards of rigor, respect and empathy for those affected by the issues we discuss."

UPDATE 2: I left out another ridiculous example. MSNBC president Phil Griffin personally apologized to the Republican National Committee after the network's Twitter account wrote something outrageous about conservatives:

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Griffin apologized after RNC chairman Reince Priebus threatened a total Republican boycott of the network. Griffin called the offending tweet "outrageous and unacceptable," and fired the staffer responsible. "At msnbc we believe in passionate, strong debate about the issues and we invite voices from all sides to participate," he said. "That will never change."

Indeed. Never change, MSNBC.

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