How David Brock Became Sidney Blumenthal

The student has literally become the master.
September 17, 2015

Conservative journalist turned groveling Hillary Clinton apologist David Brock is a peculiar man. So is Sidney Blumenthal, the liberal journalist turned Hillary Clinton apologist turned Hillary Clinton rogue intelligence operative who helped facilitate Brock's political conversion. Brock detailed their first meeting in his 2002 memoir, Blinded By The Right:

A tall, meticulous man in his early fifties in wire-rimmed glasses, Sidney managed to make the typical Washington uniform of navy blue suit, white shirt, and red tie look slightly stylish through good tailoring. He spoke omnisciently, in a tinny voice. He also prided himself on being a tough guy who hailed from the rough-and-tumble streets of Chicago politics...

I rarely eat lunch, so we agreed to meet for dinner at a popular nouveau American restaurant called Tahoga, near my home in Georgetown. We took a table in the front room, and the conversation reminded me of a Socratic dialogue as we carefully assessed each other...

Once, in a later discussion about my personal odyssey, Sidney recommended that I speak to a historian of Nazi Germany who had written an account of how doctors in the Nazi regime rationalized their actions. Gee, I thought, it hadn't been quite that bad.

Brock explains how his conversations with Blumenthal, a man of "surpassing intellect and fervent devotion to the Clintons," were the inspiration for Hillary Clinton's infamous "vast right-wing conspiracy" comments in response to the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Blumenthal later told Brock he "went straight to Hillary" after one of their phone chats about the Lewinsky story.

Decades later, Brock and Blumenthal are two of the most loyal, if sometimes erratic, members of Hillary Clinton's inner circle of advisers. They have both parlayed this obsessive loyalty into massive personal fortunes. These are the people who will be running the country if Hillary avoids jail time and is elected president.

Brock's glowing description of Blumenthal in Blinded By The Right is particularly fascinating in light of the physical transformation he has undergone in the last couple of decades, from a normal looking young man to... Sydney Blumenthal with plutonium hair.

Lehman Brothers auction.Christie's employees walk into the auction rooms with the main sign from the Lehman Brothers office collection during a photo call at Christie's in west London, before it goes under the hammer on September 29. Picture date: Friday September 24, 2010. The sale will see the collection which once adorned the walls and offices, of the British and European arms of the former banking powerhouse before being declared bankrupt in 2008. Photo credit should read: John Stillwell/PA Wire URN:9516603 (Press Association via AP Images)

Davey Blumenbrock (composite image):


A Free Beacon analysis has determined that Brock likely suffers from a rare case of Stockholm/Neverland Syndrome, which has been known to cause impressionable individuals to not only develop strong feelings of affection for their captors, but also to change their physical appearance in order to more closely resemble the objects of their affection, to the point where they actually identify as that person. These symptoms often become more pronounced over time and can be exacerbated by the heavy consumption of cocaine. Sufferers have been known to worship politicians out of desperation.

Please keep David, or whatever name he prefers to be called, in your thoughts and prayers.