Important #News Update: Alexandra Daddario Cast in ‘Baywatch’ Film!


Those eyes are something else, man. (AP)
• November 19, 2015 5:00 am


As the Free Beacon‘s film critic, I have to keep my ear to the ground about hot news tips you, our loyal readers, might be interested in. And I know of no one (well, almost no one) who prompts quite as much interest from Free Beacon fans as one Alexandra Daddario. Needless to say, I was pretty excited to see that the rumors are true!

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 1.52.00 PM

This is huge news. Daddario, of course, provided the only reasons to see this year's disastrous disaster flick, San Andreas:

One bright spot is Alexandra Daddario, a fine young talent who burst onto the scene last year during HBO’s True Detective. She puts a human face on the horror emanating from the big screen, and her buoyant personality brightens up an otherwise drab bit of filmmaking. If there’s any justice, she’ll be a big name for years to come.

Given the campy nature of the material, the most important thing to remember is that Daddario has a winning sense of humor/sense of self-awareness:

It's worth noting that Daddario's first appearance onscreen in San Andreas was a tryout of sorts for the forthcoming beach rescue adventure flick:

Daddario bikini

Obviously, though, you need more than a great bikini bod to tackle a role like "ace lifeguard or whatever." Her windswept glamour shots are quite impressive:

Daddario bike

She's proven she has the physicality required for a role that will involve lots of running on sandy beaches:

Daddario running

It's not all running around like a crazy person, of course; Baywatch is famous for its tender, slower moments, and Daddario has shown an aptitude for these as well:

Daddrio waking up

With boffo (box office) figures undoubtedly on the way, I'm sure the studio is already thinking sequel. Hopefully Daddario can convince an old friend—and current castmate—to come on board for outing number two:


That's right: Daddario is starring alongside Free Beacon favorite Kate Upton in the forthcoming road trip sex comedy The LayoverWhile that film is sure to bust box office records, one can't help but feel that Baywatch might just be the breakout title Daddario needs to cement her position as one of the biggest talents in Hollywood. We're all cheering for you, Alexandra.

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