Kate Upton, Alexandra Daddario Join Forces in ‘The Layover’

Two huge talents
• May 29, 2015 4:05 pm


When last we brought you some Hollywood casting news, the potential of Kate Upton's ‘Fantastic Beasts' was being discussed. Even if she fails to nab that plum gig, however, we still have lots of Upton to look forward to. Turns out that she's starring in the William H. Macy-directed comedy The Layover with none other than San Andreas‘ Alexandra Daddario:

Kate Upton may be one of the world's most in demand supermodels, but it sounds like her movie career is coming along quite nicely, thankyouverymuch.

She's currently shooting the William H. Macy-directed road trip comedy The Layover with Alexandra Daddario.

"She is so much fun," Daddario said of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl at the premiere of her new action disaster film San Andreas (in theaters tomorrow). "She's so smart and she's so amazing and we're having the best time. I hope that comes out on screen because there isn't a day that goes by that I don't laugh hysterically."

This is great to hear! The world is always a better place with a smile on your face:

Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario

This pair teaming up is supremely good news, my friends. As we know, Upton was the breakout star in last year's The Other Woman:

The film picks up after Upton’s introduction, which comes almost an hour into the film. Amber’s unflappable joie de vivre is infectious—Kate’s rapport with the beautifully built beach siren is accurately described as an "insane girl-crush" by Carly.

In this, Upton brings to the screen the very quality that has made her a superstar in real life. Despite her obvious sex appeal—and the resentment that generally invites—Upton has managed to charm women and men alike. She’s like the anti-Anne Hathaway.

For all of the weaknesses in the script, which is clichéd and dull from time to time, the filmmakers have done one thing right: They’ve played to Upton’s strengths.

And Daddario's perf was a lone bright spot in this weekend's San Andreas:

One bright spot is Alexandra Daddario, a fine young talent who burst onto the scene last year during HBO’s True Detective. She puts a human face on the horror emanating from the big screen, and her buoyant personality brightens up an otherwise drab bit of filmmaking. If there’s any justice, she’ll be a big name for years to come.

The Upton-Daddario tag team is something to keep an eye on in the months ahead. The Free Beacon anticipates great things out of this duo.

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