Eva Longoria Show Canceled After Two Episodes


"Ready for Love," the "catastrophe of a television show" starring self-proclaimed ‘Texican" and former cochair of the 2012 Obama campaign Eva Longoria, was mercifully canned by NBC after only two episodes.


The end of "Ready for Love" is extremely embarrassing because the show had one of the strongest lead-ins in television: "The Voice." Even so, Longoria's "boring, superficial, and bland" program, which has been described as "pure evil," had a middling audience of 3.2 million viewers for its second episode. It's unclear whether NBC will air what's left of the order.

Longoria has yanked the title of the "Biggest Obama Flameout in Hollywood" from lesser-known Obama bro Jon Lovett, whose brainchild "1600 Penn" has been in ratings dire-straits since its first episode. Just as he was in the speechwriters' room, Lovett is yet again second best.

Longoria has had poor instincts for years. She co-produced a direct-to-video film, Carlita’s Secret, which was received as poorly as it was titled. And when it was trendy for celebrities to own restaurants, Longoria went all in with Beso, one of those Las Vegas joints that was going to open anyway but eagerly allowed Longoria to co-sign. The investors' logic must have been that, when the spot eventually failed, it would be Longoria's name in the headlines. And when Beso did file for bankruptcy, Longoria was ordered to appear in a Nevada Bankruptcy Court over accusations she had jilted fellow restaurant investors for more than $700,000.

Aside from acting as a philandering housewife, the only thing that Eva Longoria is skilled at is reelecting presidents.