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• June 11, 2014 9:09 am


My must read of the day is "Eric Cantor Primary Loss a Referendum Against Amnesty," in Breitbart News: 

The Associated Press called the race for Brat at 8:03 P.M. EST with around 85 percent of the vote in and Brat leading 55.8 percent to 44.2 percent.

In the final weeks of the campaign, Brat made the race completely about amnesty and open borders, saying a vote for Cantor would be a vote for "open borders," and the seventh district primary would be the "last chance" to stop amnesty.

Regarding amnesty legislation, voters told Cantor and Congress, "not so fast." […]

Voters in Virginia's seventh district seemed to have enough of illegal immigration in sending shockwaves throughout the country on Tuesday.

I'd rather wait and collect more information to make an assessment on the outcome of a race that practically no one expected, but if everyone's doing it within the first 24 hours I'll do it too because peer pressure is a sneaky impetus, and I would hate to be left out.

The primary theory for Cantor's loss seems to be immigration and his opponent’s efforts to tie him to amnesty.

Surely that was important, but I think that's an oversimplification. The race was not about a single issue; in fact if you look at Cantor's support of immigration it was often tepid. I distinctly remember a moment on the floor, following a vote on a bill by Rep. Fred Upton (R., Mich.), in which Rep. Steny Hoyer (D., Md.) attacked Cantor for having numerous immigration bills in committee, but not bringing any of them to the floor. Hoyer pressed for a timeline to vote on the bills and Cantor largely refused to answer.

In many ways, Cantor supported reforms then backed away trying not to ruffle feathers on either side. Immigration was a factor here, but we could just as easily contend it was Cantor’s inconsistency on the issue that did the most damage, alienating both supporters and opponents of reform.

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