Democrats Can’t Stop Drooling Over Russia

Joe Kennedy SOTU rebuttal

The State of the Union response is never easy. Staging in front of a live audience certainly helps. But when your messenger is Joe Kennedy III, a backbencher only in Congress by virtue of his last name—what the Democrats would call "white privilege"—you might not get the result you're going for.

Never mind that he was not the best choice for the #MeToo movement. And better yet, "Let's put him in front of a beat up Mustang!" It might as well have been an Oldsmobile.

But none of that will be remembered, anyway. "Look he's catering to the working cl-—is Joe Kennedy drooling?"

Pelosi was a prophet. "Let the attention be on his slobbering self." She just got the speech wrong (not to mention whatever was going on with her last night).

But drooling was a fitting emblem of the Democrats and the media these days. Kennedy's first salient point in his rebuttal was, "Russia [is] knee-deep in our democracy."

And after Trump's at-many-times-moving hour-and-a-half speech that covered every issue under the sun, CNN's first reaction was, you guessed it, "But what about Russia???"

So yes, don't expect the Democrats to stop salivating over Russia in their anti-Trump furor, literally and figuratively.