DC Comics’ New Batsuit Will Cause Body Image Issues

No, Batman, it is not better.

I have to say, I'm very disappointed in DC Comics. Can you believe the new outfit they've unveiled for Batman?


I just can't even with this. Skin tight clothes, rippling muscles: how do you think this sort of thing is going to make your average comic book fan feel? Doesn't D.C. know that they're pasty and doughy and puffy? How many eating disorders do they have to inspire in the name of "art"? Are you kidding me?

As we know, it's very very bad when comic book characters are dressed up in revealing outfits and put in provocative poses. Who can forget the outrage over Spider-woman's get-up:


I mean, c'mon: Spider-Man would never be put in a similar position:


It just gets to be frustrating, you know? You think you've come so far and then, whammo: we take a step back.

Don't even get me started on Power Girl.


SMDH. It's almost as if comic book characters are idealized, mythical forms or something. That's just gross.