Casting ‘Rodham’

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• May 2, 2013 4:20 pm


By the time the 2015 Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner rolls around, it's my guestimation that there will be at least three books and two documentaries mythologizing Hillary Clinton as she assumes her birthright as this country’s 45th president.

So why not add a feature film to Hillary's more than 150 filmed appearancesPolitico reported today that another overrated auteur has signed up to direct Rodham, a film about a 20-something HRC navigating Washington while writing love letters to Arkansas boyfriend Bill Clinton.

Rodham director James Ponsoldt has yet to cast the title character, however.

"We’re meeting with a number of actresses. Everyone’s throwing in their own two cents. Everybody thought Meryl Streep would play Hillary, but this follows a young Hillary. It’s a tough part. A physical resemblance is helpful, but more importantly the actress has to be believed that she is the smartest person you’ve ever met and one of the most driven and ambitious — in a good way," Ponsoldt said.

Ponsoldt needs all the help he can get. After scouring IMDB, I’ve narrowed my list to four candidates. And I expect an executive producer credit.

Kristen Stewart, like HRC, bewitches the public consciousness, tricking us into thinking she's as talented as we want her to be. Also both ladies like to suggest they are more detached from the media than they really are. Stewart may say she thinks the press is basically a bunch of losers, but she definitely remains in the public eye to stay relevant. For example, for someone who cheated with her married-with-children director, Stewart sure made herself visible. Similarly, HRC feigns a desire for privacy while pulling six-figure speaking fees that only fuel 2016 speculation.

K-Stew Enduring Fame

K-Stew Enduring Fame (AP)

Choice number two: What better actress to portray HRC's self-discipline and ruthlessness than Oscar winner Anne Hathaway?

Anne Hathaway: Perfect to Hate on Her Perfection

Anne Hathaway: Perfect to Hate on Her Perfection (AP)

And look no further than Hayden Panettiere for the young HRC of 1974. Hayden can identify emotionally with the role since Wilmer Valderrama probably pulls as many girls as Bubba did in the 70s.

Hayden Panettiere's Resemblance is Stunning

Hayden Panettiere's Resemblance is Stunning (AP)

My last recommendation is an actress as polarizing and divisive as HRC: Lindsay Lohan.

Thumbs Up for LiLo in 'Rodham'

Thumbs Up for LiLo in ‘Rodham' (AP)