National Security

A Message from Free Beacon President Aaron Harison

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In an effort to be fully transparent with our readers and to get out in front of a pending controversy, I wanted to make you all aware of a legal and public relations threat being made against the Washington Free Beacon by a regional human rights organization.

Early this morning, I received an email from an individual purporting to be the leader of said organization. Attached to this email was a video file that the sender claimed was recorded overnight, at an undisclosed secret location within Beacon Tower in Arlington, Va.

This video, as you will see, shows footage of an interrogation of what is alleged to be a Free Beacon staff member, according to the email.

As president of Free Beacon, LLC, I absolutely refuse to comment on an ongoing internal investigation, other than to confirm that one is in fact taking place.

This investigation is the direct result of numerous media reports accusing Free Beacon digital managing editor, Andrew Stiles, of making a personal contribution to the Donald J. Trump for President campaign in exchange for a collection of really fabulous, fantastic, and quite frankly the finest hats these eyes have ever seen.

Mr. Biff Diddle, the Free Beacon’s ombudsman, has been tasked with leading a thorough, top-down investigation into the ethical and journalistic integrity of all Free Beacon staff. In order to maintain the independence of Mr. Diddle’s inquiry, and in spite of my personal revulsion to the content contained in this video, I will not interfere with Mr. Diddle’s work by questioning the enhanced interrogation techniques that he has chosen to use.

In due time and with candor, we will make public the results of the internal investigation when they are complete and not a moment before. In the meantime, we will burn the tapes.