Biden Administration

WFB’s Kevin Daley Discusses Biden DOJ Nominee on Tucker Carlson Tonight

Washington Free Beacon staff writer Kevin Daley appeared on Tucker Carlson tonight to discuss his report on selective prosecution based on race by Kristen Clarke, President Biden's pick to lead the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division.

Daley said his report on Clarke's history of opposing civil rights prosecutions of black defendants could come under fire during her upcoming confirmation hearing.

"It will be interesting to explore how this plays during her confirmation hearing, and getting at why exactly she believes this," Daley said. "There's a view ascendent on the left that holds that minorities simply cannot be racist, that racism is a combination of power and privilege, and because minorities aren't privileged they therefore cannot be racist. Finding where Clarke falls on that I think is going to be a priority for Republican lawmakers."

Read Daley's full report on Clarke here.