WATCH: Why Dr. Fauci Won't Be Missed

Good riddance to bad science

August 22, 2022

Dr. Anthony Fauci, 81, is finally stepping down. The chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden said Monday he will be "moving on" from his career in medical bureaucracy but is "not retiring in the classic sense." He will formally exit the Biden administration at the end of the year, after which the liberal sex symbol said he plans to "devote himself to traveling, writing and encouraging young people to enter government service."

The good doctor will not be missed. Fauci is leaving at a time when public trust in the medical bureaucracy is at an all-time low. His so-called leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic gave rise to a cult of freaks who cheered as children suffered due to prolonged school closures. Fauci and his fellow health "experts" gave widely inconsistent advice throughout the pandemic while accusing their critics of being "anti-science."

Fauci quickly became a symbol of the #Resistance. Liberal elites worshiped him like a celebrity. He graced the cover of InStyle and countless other magazines. He was the subject of children's books and a recurrent figure on Saturday Night Live. He won baseball awards despite throwing like a little girl. Fauci reveled in the attention, never missing an opportunity to remind Americans how lucky they were to be taking advice from people like him. He even coined a term—"the Fauci Effect"—to describe how he has come to symbolize "consistency," "integrity," and "truth."

More than one million Americans have died from COVID-19 on Fauci's watch.