Hunter Biden's Ex-Mistress Wants to Know Who's Paying His 'Stable of American Super Lawyers'

President's son says he can't afford to pay child support, has been ordered to appear in Arkansas court on Monday

Hunter Biden
(Getty Images)
April 28, 2023

Hunter Biden’s ex-mistress Lunden Alexa Roberts is asking a court to force the president's son to disclose who is paying for his "stable of American super lawyers," arguing that his high-priced legal team contradicts his claim that he can’t afford to pay child support.

Biden has retained "some of the most expensive attorneys on planet Earth," according to a motion filed by Roberts in an Arkansas court on Thursday, including former Arkansas attorney general Dustin McDaniel, prominent Washington fixer Abbe Lowell, and Hollywood celebrity lawyer Kevin Morris.

"If Mr. Biden can afford a Washington DC, Hollywood, Chicago big law, and the best domestic relations attorney on the Texas side of the Texarkana border, he surely must have income for child support purposes," wrote Roberts’s attorney Clint Lancaster in the filing.

The motion, if approved by the court, could be another political headache for Hunter Biden, who has fought to shield his financial records during the years-long custody battle with Roberts, the mother of his four-year-old daughter. It comes days after the judge ordered both Biden and Roberts to personally attend all future hearings.

"Mr. Biden claims to be nothing more than a Yale educated attorney/artist who is somewhat financially destitute and needs his child support adjusted," added Lancaster. "However, for an artist living on meager means, Mr. Biden is living lavishly."

Biden reached a child support settlement with Roberts shortly after his father, President Joe Biden, launched his presidential campaign in 2020. He is now arguing for reducing those payments.

Biden initially denied the baby was his, but a court-ordered paternity test showed he was the father. The Biden family does not publicly acknowledge the child. President Biden has repeatedly claimed—including this week—that he has just six grandchildren, omitting the four-year-old girl from the list.

Roberts recently asked the court to allow her to change their daughter’s last name to "Biden," arguing that the prestige of the name would benefit the child. Biden is fighting the motion, claiming the move would be damaging to the tot due to the "scorn in the community for the Biden name."

In the disclosure motion on Thursday, Roberts’s attorneys argued that disclosures about Biden’s legal payments would "show that there is no difficulty that a person with the last name ‘Biden’ cannot fix with a Biden-paid or funded attorney"—bolstering support for Roberts’s name-change request.

Family law attorney Peter M. Walzer told the Washington Free Beacon that Biden’s objection to the name change was "very uncommon" and unlikely to succeed in court.

"I’ve never seen a litigation where a father didn’t want the [child] to take his name," said Walzer. "This is pretty unique."

The next hearing is scheduled for Monday. Arkansas Circuit Court judge Holly Meyer ordered Biden and Roberts to show up, saying their absences are causing delays in the case.

Meyer issued the order after Biden's attorney was unable to answer whether Biden owned the abandoned laptop that became a subject of controversy during the 2020 election. Financial records discovered on the laptop have become an issue in the custody dispute.