Free Beacon Susannah Luthi

California Dem Congressional Candidate Says He Opposes Gas Stove and Car Bans. He's Touting an Endorsement From Group That's Pushing Them.

George Whitesides embraces endorsement from environmental group that spent half a million dollars lobbying for bans on gas stoves, cars, and trains

May 16, 2024

Berkeley Caves to Anti-Israel Protesters and Launches Divestment Task Force

Berkeley chancellor declares support for ‘permanent ceasefire’ and says boycott of Israel study abroad is on the table

May 15, 2024

Police Clear UCLA Anti-Israel Encampment and Arrest Dozens of Activists

UCLA protesters shout 'shame on you!' and compare officers to Ku Klux Klan

May 2, 2024

State and Women's Groups Sue Biden Over Title IX Revamp

Biden admin rule replaces 'sex' with 'gender identity' and classifies 'misgendering' as sexual harassment

April 30, 2024