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Sonny Bunch is culture editor at the Bulwark and a contributing columnist to the Washington Post. A cohost of the Sub-Beacon, he was formerly executive editor of, and film critic for, the Washington Free Beacon.


'Shadow' Review

Shakespearean Chinese martial arts epic takes a little while to get going

May 10, 2019
Under the Silver Lake

'Under the Silver Lake' Review

Meandering, Pynchonian, noir-ish critique of mass culture and modernity

May 3, 2019
Avengers: Endgame

'Avengers: Endgame' Review

A decade of Marvel movies culminates in three hours of (awesome) fan service

April 26, 2019

'Shazam!' Review

Fun and funny, Levi's charismatic captain is a marvel

April 5, 2019

'Dumbo' Review

Disney's latest retread of a beloved cartoon bores

March 29, 2019
Triple Frontier

'Triple Frontier' Review

Murder and morality in the jungle

March 15, 2019
Captain Marvel

'Captain Marvel' Review

Lord, grant me the confidence of a mediocre movie about a cosmically powered white woman

March 8, 2019

'Greta' Review

A metaphor for social media

March 1, 2019