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Meghan Blonder is a staff writer for the Washington Free Beacon. She graduated from Albright College where she studied Political Science and Spanish. She is originally from Beachwood, N.J., and now lives in Alexandria, Va. Her email address is

Dem Governor: Failing To Notify Parents When Their Child Changes Gender Is 'The American Way'

Phil Murphy's administration has sued school districts over parental notification policies

July 24, 2023

Whitmer’s Sister Leaves Local School Board High and Dry To Run for Congress

Liz Whitmer Gereghty's early departure left board scrambling to fill position

July 22, 2023

'California of the East Coast': New Jersey Moves to Ban New Gas-Powered Cars By 2035

Dem governor Murphy pledges to use 'every tool … to combat the intensifying climate crisis'

July 19, 2023

Sister, Sister: Gretchen Whitmer Gives Max Contribution to Sister's New York Congressional Campaign

Michigan governor's father also funnels thousands to Liz Whitmer Gereghty amid difficult primary fight

July 17, 2023

Biden-Backed New Jersey Wind Farm Will Raise Electric Bills, Experts Say

Foreign company Orsted is set to receive $1 billion in green energy subsidies to complete controversial project

July 14, 2023

Sister Telepathy? As Gretchen Whitmer Endorsed COVID Sports Shutdown, So Did Her Sibling

Congressional hopeful Liz Whitmer Gereghty said playing high school sports would not be 'equitable'

July 14, 2023

New Hampshire Democrat Likens Parental Rights Group to Taliban

'Assholes with casseroles, taliban in minivan,' Catherine Sofikitis says of Moms for Liberty

July 11, 2023

Massachusetts Senator Says Sex Change Treatments for Minors Are a 'Human Right'

Ed Markey's new bill aims to fund research for 'trans youth'

July 6, 2023

New York Governor Kathy Hochul Moves to Tax Drivers to Fight Climate Change

In Hochul's New York, entering Manhattan at the wrong time could cost you $23

June 29, 2023

Politically Neutral School Policies Are Actually Racist, New Jersey Argues

School policies 'cloaked in the language of neutrality' can still prompt discrimination lawsuits, Dem AG says

June 28, 2023