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Joe Simonson is a senior investigative reporter for the Washington Free Beacon. He previously worked as an investigative reporter and campaign correspondent for the Washington Examiner. His work has appeared in the New York Post, the American Conservative, and National Review. He lives in Washington, DC. His Twitter handle is @SaysSimonson. You can reach Joe at

Fentanyl Smuggling Surges at Border

Seizures have nearly doubled 2020 numbers

September 15, 2021

Report: Milley Promised To Warn Chinese About US Military Operations

'If we’re going to attack, I’m going to call you ahead of time'

September 14, 2021

Democrats Justify Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants by Arguing It Will Increase Deficit

Dems hope reconciliation end-around can achieve amnesty through party-line vote

September 13, 2021

Afghan Refugees Not Tested for COVID Before Landing in US

Afghans are tested after arrival in the United States

September 3, 2021

Pentagon Exempts Pregnant Women From COVID-19 Vax Mandate

Biden admin urges pregnant women to get jab, safety will not be known until 2025

September 1, 2021

Emmy Award Stripped From Cuomo

Disgraced 'Luv Guv' leaves office while under federal investigation for nursing home scandal

August 24, 2021

DHS Braces for Terror Threat on Southern Border

National security officials fear newly freed Afghan terrorists may exploit border crisis

August 24, 2021