Free Beacon Jessica Costescu

Jessica Costescu is a staff writer for the Washington Free Beacon. She graduated from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service with a major in International Politics and a concentration in Foreign Policy. She also holds an Associate Degree in Administration of Justice from Cypress College. She can be reached at

Palestinian children attend a class at the UNRWA elementary school in Shati refugee camp in Gaza City

FLASHBACK: Congressional Dems Defend UN’s Anti-Semitic Palestinian Relief Agency

Agency-funded schools have glorified terrorism and encouraged martyrdom, according to a report

October 19, 2023

Senior Biden Adviser's Legal Group Pledges To Defend Hamas Sympathizers in New York City

CUNY's Ramzi Kassem has accused Israel of 'ethnic cleansing,' 'systematic genocide'

October 10, 2023

Meet the Violent Criminals Roaming the Illinois Streets Thanks to State's Cash Bail Ban

Dem governor Pritzker said abolition of cash bail would bring a 'more equitable and just Illinois'

October 2, 2023

'Feeble Excuse': DC Courts Say They're Too Busy To Explain Why They Release Violent Criminals Before Trial

Proposed measure to combat crime surge in nation's capital 'not feasible,' judge says

September 22, 2023

DC-Area Police Department Turns to Puerto Rico To Alleviate Officer Recruiting Shortages

Prince George's County plans island recruiting trip to fill hundreds of vacancies

September 19, 2023
Investigators work the crime scene outside of the Curtis Culwell Center after a shooting occurred

This Liberal City Wanted Millions In Grant Funding To Fight Retail Crime. It Missed The Application Deadline.

Frustration grows in crime-ridden Oakland as residents blast city's left-wing leaders

September 18, 2023

'Black Market of Employment': NYC Mayor Says City's Migrant Crisis Is Driving Prostitution Spike

Eric Adams's comments come after mayor said illegal immigrant influx would 'destroy' city

September 13, 2023

DC Teens Are Committing Crimes in Droves. Punishment Is Light.

Amid youth crime wave, DC attorney general Brian Schwalb says 'kids are kids'

September 13, 2023

'Catch And Release': Suspect in Viral LA Flash Mob Robbery Was Released on Cashless Bail One Day Before Heist

Soros-backed prosecutor George Gascón has called cash bail 'unjust' and 'unsafe'

August 30, 2023