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Ellison Barber is a staff writer for the Washington Free Beacon, where she pens a daily column "Ellison's Must Read of the Day" and a weekly "Sunday Show Roundup." As a reporter, she covers Capitol Hill. Ellison is a frequent guest on Fox News Channel, and Fox Business Network. She is a former contributor at The Blaze. She graduated from Wofford College, has great taste in music, and currently lives in Washington, D.C. Her twitter handle is @ellisonbarber.

Rubio Slams Obama’s Cuba Policy

Obama defends efforts to work with Cuba

December 21, 2014
Phoenix VA Health Care Center

Report: VA Misled Lawmakers on Wait Time Review

Provided lawmakers misleading and inaccurate information

December 16, 2014

Bush Admin Officials Defend CIA’s Interrogation Tactics

Cheney criticizes Senate Dems for not talking to those involved with program

December 14, 2014
Jonathan Gruber

Republicans Grill Obamacare Architect

Gruber apologized for controversial statements

December 9, 2014

Veterans Health Administration Overwhelmed by Caregiver Applications

Delays in applications due to outdated IT system

December 3, 2014
Dean Cain


Dean Cain, the lonely Hollywood conservative

November 28, 2014