Ellison Barber

Charlie Hebdo EIC Blasts Media for Cowardice

Gerard Biard: cartoons ‘symbol of freedom of speech’

On Sunday, the new editor in chief of Charlie Hebdo blasted news outlets that decided not to show their latest cover, accusing them of censoring democracy and insulting the public.

Obama Leaves Phoenix Without Visiting Scandal Plagued Facility

Veterans disappointed as Obama delivers speech one mile away from Phoenix VA hospital

President Obama visited Phoenix, Arizona, on Thursday, to deliver remarks and announce new housing proposals in a speech at Central High School, but did not visit the Veteran Affairs facility that was minutes away.

Rubio Slams Obama’s Cuba Policy

Obama defends efforts to work with Cuba

On Sunday, President Obama defended his latest effort to work with Cuba as a calculated diplomatic effort and responded to critics who say the policy is yet another example of the president being too quick to appease bad actors.

Report: VA Misled Lawmakers on Wait Time Review

Provided lawmakers misleading and inaccurate information

Phoenix VA Health Care CenterThe Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provided lawmakers with misleading and inaccurate information when they first detailed the number of veterans who were harmed by long wait times, according to a new report by the Office of Inspector General. The VA released a “fact sheet” in April 2014 that summarized an internal, system-wide review of unresolved consults or additional requests for services that remained “open or active” after 90 days.