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Mikie Sherrill

Mikie Sherrill Gets $1.8 Million From Liberal Billionaire Bloomberg

More than half of Democrat's donations are from out of state

October 30, 2018
Patrick Morrisey

Poll: Morrisey Up Two Over Manchin

Republican takes lead in poll that oversampled Democrats

October 24, 2018

Manchin Calls Internal Memo Written By His Staff a 'Lie'

As governor, Manchin requested $3 million personal helicopter with opioid funding

October 24, 2018
Barbara Comstock

Comstock Tied in New Poll

Exclusive: GOP House women see boost two weeks before midterms

October 24, 2018
Patrick Morrisey

Morrisey Says He's Within Margin of Error in Race Against Manchin

Trump Jr. rallies for Republican in West Virginia

October 22, 2018

Feds Give $570,890 Science Grant to 'Intersectional Feminisms' Professor

Researcher wants to 'transform the powers of technology to advance social justice'

October 18, 2018

Manchin Wanted to Use Opioid Funding on Personal 'Governor's Helicopter'

Opioid overdose deaths nearly doubled in West Virginia under Manchin's watch

October 11, 2018