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Hillary Clinton makes a concession speech after being defeated by Republican president-elect Donald Trump / Getty Images

Democrats Not Ready for Hillary

Poll: Democrats' top issues are socialized medicine, repealing the 2nd Amendment

November 14, 2018

California Prisoners Got $3.5 Million from Social Security

Prisoners collected six-figure retirement payments while behind bars

November 9, 2018
Claire McCaskill

After Losing, Dem Politicians Now Say They Can Be Truthful

McCaskill, Cordray 'freed from constraints' of not being able to say what they really think

November 8, 2018

Politifact Rates Verbatim Manchin Quote Threatening Violence 'Mostly True'

Manchin wanted to 'beat the living crap' and stopped himself from 'kicking living crap' out of Republican

November 5, 2018

West Virginia Senate Race Changed to 'Toss Up' on Election Eve

Manchin calls reelection campaign the 'most important election we've ever voted in'

November 5, 2018
Joe Manchin

Manchin: 'Anybody' Could Have Requested a 'Governor's Helicopter' With Opioid Settlement Money

Memo: 'Governor [Manchin] wants settlement funding dedicated to purchase a new helicopter'

November 4, 2018

Manchin: 'It Took Every Bit of My Discipline Not to Beat the Living Crap Out' of Republican Opponent

Manchin's comments echo rhetoric from other Democrats during this campaign cycle

November 3, 2018
Donald Trump in West Virginia

Former Democrats Flock to See Trump, And Hope to Oust Manchin

President says Manchin is not a reliable vote at W.Va. rally

November 3, 2018