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Defense Bill Gives Pentagon $1 Million for 'Gender Advisors'

Taxpayer-funding to go toward 'gender perspectives' training at war colleges

September 28, 2018

Fed Spending Spree Included Millions on Cars, Scooters, Fidget Spinners

Agencies rush to exhaust budgets in final week of fiscal year

September 27, 2018

Report Finds $3.1 Trillion in Savings for Taxpayers

Citizens Against Gov't Waste recommends cutting subsidies, redundant programs

September 26, 2018

Feds Spend $1,009,762 Training 'Social Justice' Math Teachers

Goal of study is teaching STEM 'steeped in the context of social justice'

September 18, 2018

USAID Spends $89.7 Million Finding Jobs for 55 Afghan Women

'It is unclear whether the agency can deliver the opportunities it promised the women of Afghanistan'

September 13, 2018

Feds Spend $172K to Fight Distracted Pedestrians Via Phone Alerts

Alert will instruct crossing the street safely 'rather than engaging with mobile technology'

September 12, 2018