Free Beacon David Adesnik

David Adesnik is a senior fellow and director of research at FDD. He is currently working on a coauthored book about the conflict between Israel and Iran.

George Kennan

Containing George Kennan

History: The flawed example of the late American diplomat

October 29, 2014
U.S. troops examine North Korean weapons picked up from enemy dead during heavy fighting the preceding night

The Lesson of Task Force Smith

History: When America draws down its defenses, threats multiply

July 5, 2014
Ypres Cathedral in Ypres, Belgium, seen from the market square during World War I

War and Responsibility

History: The Great War happened because dangerous men wanted it to

June 23, 2014

What Containment Really Is

Analysis: How a Cold War grand strategy became just another word for passivity

April 24, 2014

U.S. Sanctions Did Not Provoke Pearl Harbor

Analysis: Sanctions were a response to Japanese aggression, not its cause, historical record shows

April 3, 2014