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Chuck Ross is a senior investigative reporter for the Washington Free Beacon. He previously worked as an investigative reporter for the Daily Caller. He graduated from Wichita State University and lives near Kansas City. You can reach Chuck at

‘I’m Begging You’: Fetterman Urged Supporters of Christian Cake Baker Not to Vote for Him

30 percent of Democrats oppose mandates to force bakeries to make same-sex wedding cakes

October 20, 2022

Bad Medicine: Doctor Granting Fetterman Clean Bill of Health Is a Campaign Donor

Dr. Clifford Chen has given tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats, including Fetterman

October 19, 2022

Flower Power: AZ Dem Wants to 'Convert' Military Resources to Fight Climate Change

Kirsten Engel's views could hurt her chances to flip a pro-military district

October 12, 2022