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Chuck Ross is a senior investigative reporter for the Washington Free Beacon. He previously worked as an investigative reporter for the Daily Caller. He graduated from Wichita State University and lives near Kansas City. You can reach Chuck at

Emails Reveal Hunter Biden's Relationship With Shadowy Chinese Tycoon

Biden acknowledged the businessman's interest 'has everything to do with my last name'

October 13, 2021

Chinese Propaganda Dominates Search Results for US Military Base

Chinese state media claim the coronavirus originated in Fort Detrick

October 13, 2021

Growing Advertising Model Puts Reporters and Lawmakers at the Center of the Corporate Pitch

Axios and other news outlets are cashing in on corporate-sponsored events featuring their own journalists alongside company spokesmen

October 12, 2021

Biden Banking Nominee Scrubs Karl Marx Paper From Résumé

Saule Omarova attended Moscow State University on a Lenin scholarship

October 6, 2021

Left-Wing Billionaire George Soros Bankrolling Group Behind Harassment of Kyrsten Sinema

Open Society Foundation gave Living United $1.5 million in 2019

October 4, 2021

Clinton Attorney Briefed Jake Sullivan on Trump-Russia Conspiracy

Biden national security adviser pushed collusion claims after they were debunked

September 30, 2021

Biden Banking Nominee Proud Recipient of Collegiate 'Lenin Award'

Saule Omarova said equal pay was a 'huge achievement' by Soviet dictatorship

September 28, 2021

Taxpayer Dollars Flowed to Media Company Now Under FBI Investigation

Ozy Media took donations from Ford Foundation, Laurene Powell Jobs, Charles Koch Institute

September 28, 2021

Biden Administration Doles Out $250K to Wuhan Lab-Linked Group

EcoHealth Alliance's founder waged a secret campaign to disprove the lab-leak theory

September 24, 2021

Afghan Refugees in US Indicted on Assault Charges

Afghan refugees indicted for child molestation, spousal abuse

September 23, 2021