A Cure for Humorlessness

Donald Trump may be unable to repeal the Iran Deal, Obamacare, or get tax reform done, but he has accomplished the exposure of the two Americas. There is a real disconnect between Democrats and blue collar voters in the Rust Belt and elsewhere, but the Trump era has exposed a fissure far deeper than that which defined John Edwards’s doomed candidacy. The United States finds itself in the midst a Civil War between those with a sense of humor and the insufferable, the tsk-tskers who would make St. Paul blush with their hyper-literal moralism. Reporters, comedians, and late night hosts have gone all-in with the latter, but luckily two writers had the temerity to break rank and laugh as Washington, D.C., burns. Christopher Bedford’s The Art of the Donald and Rob Long’s Bigly: Donald Trump in Verse are an antidote to the humorlessness afflicting our nation. Both are quick reads and deserve to be the go-to stocking stuffer for liberal and conservative relations alike.