Bob Dylan’s Words

Review: Bob Dylan, 'The Lyrics: 1961-2012'

Bob Dylan“It ain’t no use to sit and wonder why, babe / It don’t matter, anyhow” That almost every defense of Bob Dylan’s recent Nobel Prize for Literature has reminded us that Dylan read Rimbaud and Joyce and Chekhov and hung out with the Beats—or has mentioned the troubadours or Christopher Ricks’s Visions of Sin, the distinguished professor’s thematic study of the singer’s lyrics—almost gives the game away. It’s as if Dylan’s words alone don’t quite warrant the most prestigious literary award in the world. Something else needs to be added.

Mavis Gallant’s Flotsam

Review: Mavis Gallant, 'The Collected Stories'

Mavis GallantAlmost all of Mavis Gallant's stories appeared in the New Yorker, which is the explanation for—or perhaps shorthand for—both their strengths and their weaknesses. The Collected Stories, put out by Knopf/Everyman in 2016, perhaps to acknowledge Gallant's death in 2014, is identical in content to the Selected Stories put out in the UK by Bloomsbury in 1997, and the British edition has a preface by the author that is worth considering. (The introduction to the American edition is by Francine Prose.) In this preface, Gallant calls her association with the New Yorker a "wave of the best luck." And so it clearly was, as they seem to share many qualities in common. The New Yorker is smart, and so are these relentlessly well written stories.

Pentagon Has a Team to Review Porn

The Pentagon has a team of people to plan for future warfare scenarios, inform policymakers of defense intelligence matters, and, according to a new report, review pornography for the U.S. military.