Free Beacon Bruce Fleming

Bruce Fleming has taught English at the U.S. Naval Academy since 1987; his books and articles are noted on his website

A Romp at the Kennedy Center

Review: Alexei Ratmansky's 'The Little Humpbacked Horse,' at the Kennedy Center through Feb. 5

February 4, 2017

It's Not the Internet's Fault We're Dumb

Review: Nicholas Carr, 'Utopia Is Creepy: And Other Provocations

January 14, 2017

No Touching

Review: KC Johnson & Stuart Taylor Jr., 'The Campus Rape Frenzy: The Attack on Due Process at America’s Universities'

January 8, 2017

As Iron Sharpens Iron

Review: Sebastian Smee, 'The Art of Rivalry: Four Friendships, Betrayals, and Breakthroughs in Modern Art

December 31, 2016

Thomas De Quincey: Father of Addiction Lit

Review: Frances Wilson, 'Guilty Thing: A Life of Thomas De Quincey'

December 24, 2016
Ambrose Bierce

How Ambrose Bierce Went to War—and Never Came Back

Review: Christopher Kiernan Coleman, ‘Ambrose Bierce And the Period of Honorable Strife’

November 27, 2016

Words Matter, Whatever Stanley Fish Says

Review: Stanley Fish, 'Winning Arguments: What Works and What Doesn’t Work in Politics, The Bedroom, The Courtroom, and The Classroom'

November 12, 2016
Mavis Gallant

Mavis Gallant's Flotsam

Review: Mavis Gallant, 'The Collected Stories'

November 5, 2016

When Art Mattered

Review: Claude Arnaud, Lauren Elkin and Charlotte Mandell (trans.), 'Jean Cocteau: A Life’

October 16, 2016
Ground zero

Life Goes On, Even At Ground Zero

Review: Lynne B. Sagalyn, ‘Power at Ground Zero: Politics, Money, and the Remaking of Lower Manhattan’

September 25, 2016