Cruz Rejects Obama Arguments Against Ebola Travel Ban

Sunday Show Roundup: Texas senator criticizes Obama White House for rejecting common sense

On Sunday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) continued to call for a travel ban on individuals coming from the three West African nations impacted by the recent Ebola outbreak.

Lincoln’s Fathers

Review: Richard Brookhiser’s ‘Founders’ Son’

Abraham LincolnOne afternoon on their way to court, Abraham Lincoln made a startling confession to his law partner and future biographer William Herndon. As they made their way along a rutted, bumpy Illinois road, Lincoln said that his mother, Nancy Hanks, was illegitimate. Her father was a “well-bred Virginia farmer or planter…”

The Lost Art of Reading

Review: Arthur M. Melzer’s 'Philosophy Between the Lines'

Rembrandt's 'Aristotle with a Bust of Homer'The art of esoteric reading—scrutinizing a text for “hidden meanings”—has been lost.