Backwards and Upwards

Lately something curious has been happening in the Catholic Church—and it’s not, as some would have it, that Pope Francis is rewriting the Catechism on social issues. According to a new book by Anne Hendershott and Christopher White, the Church is actually thriving where it is most orthodox.

The Greens Are Coming!

At first sight, the A-Z dictionary format of James Delingpole’s latest effort, The Little Green Book of Eco-Fascism, seems surprising. But there is a sound reason for its structure. In his prior book, Watermelons, Delingpole cited George Orwell: “Who controls the language controls the culture. Who controls the culture wins the political argument. … [Orwell] explained that one of the most effective ways of suppressing heretical thought was to eliminate undesirable words or strip them of their meaning.”

Eco-fascists have a talent for that sort of thing.

Beyond the Binge

When Thanksgiving transitioned from a Puritan-influenced feast of civic gratitude into a four-day festival of consumption is not entirely clear. But that is where we are today: at a place in our proverbial and increasingly depressing “national story” where the events of the holiday itself are overshadowed by the rituals associated with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. That the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend has so far been officially untouched by the dark arts of marketing and branding can be attributed to a somewhat anachronistic respect for religion, or to a failure of creativity. Let me therefore suggest an appropriate nickname and activity. Starting this year, let’s all celebrate Binge Sunday.