Sunday Show Round Up

Majority Whip says there are not enough votes for the budget deal to pass the Senate

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D., Ill.) praised the Ryan-Murray budget on Sunday while cautioning that the Senate does not yet have the votes to pass it.

Half-Brother of Golfer Tiger Woods Arrested Over Bomb Threat

Earl Woods Jr. threatened to blow up an Arizona Department of Economic Security

Earl Dennison Woods Jr.PHOENIX (Reuters) - U.S. golfer Tiger Woods' half-brother was arrested for making a bomb threat to the Arizona state government building where he works, in what he described as a joke, Phoenix police said on Friday.

Stats: Obama Administration Paused Iran Sanctions for Rouhani

Treasury held back on sanctions following Rouhani election, new stats show

New statistics indicate that the Obama administration intentionally refrained from sanctioning Iran following the June election of President Hassan Rouhani, lending credence to multiple reports that the White House began secretly courting Tehran from the first moments of Rouhani’s presidency.

Friends in Low Places

Conservative supporter of minimum wage increase wins applause despite history of funding anti-Israel causes and race research

The conservative movement has long opposed minimum wage hikes, but if one right-leaning Silicon Valley millionaire with a history of controversial views gets his way, that may soon change.