U.S., Libyan Forces Capture Tunisian Militant: State Agency

Tunisian state media said the head of the country’s Islamist militants had been captured in Libya by U.S. and Libyan forces on Monday, though his organization denied he had been detained.

The U.S. army also said it had not played any part in any move against Ansar al Sharia leader Saifallah Benahssine – the man accused of inciting an attack on the U.S. embassy in Tunisia in 2012.

‘Her’ Review

Ray Kurzweil, in The Age of Spiritual Machines, wrote that the creation of artificial intelligence would usher in mankind’s glorious next chapter. James Barrat, in Our Final Invention, countered that the creation of artificial intelligence will more than likely lead to our speedy and ignominious demise. Spike Jonze, in Her, suggests that nothing will change and AI is just going to leave us, like everyone else we’ve ever loved.