A Choice, Not a Mandate

Despite claims to the contrary by Democrats and the media, Republicans in Congress have a concrete alternative to Obamacare—Rep. Devin Nunes (R., Calif.) has introduced legislation that would expand healthcare coverage without requiring a mandate.

DWS’ Anti-Israel Ally

A South Florida representative to the Democratic National Committee is facing scrutiny after engaging in an anti-Israel meltdown throughout a series of leaked emails reported on by BizPacReview.

Performance Anxiety

Desperate Obama pleads to donors for more money

President Obama, who fell behind GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney in fundraising for the first time in May, is making impassioned pleas to his wealthiest benefactors to open their wallets, but the money just isn’t flowing like it used to.

Berkley’s Betrayal

Democrat Congresswoman votes against jobs bill she co-sponsored to placate Green lobby

Democratic Nevada congresswoman and U.S. Senate candidate Shelley Berkley voted against a job-creating land privatization bill that she herself co-sponsored, the latest in a string of examples of Berkley’s placing national Democratic Party interests ahead of her state’s.

Mad Money

Campaign finance reform org United Republic finally reveals donors—all five of them

The campaign finance reform special-interest group United Republic has released a list of its major donors—all five of them—months after promising to reveal its funding sources.

Rumsfeld Speaks

Former Defense Secretary: American weakness is dangerous

Former Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, in a rare public speech, warned that American military and financial weakness is creating a more dangerous and unstable world.