Subverting Majority Rule

Regulations and new orgs could ease unionization efforts, radically alter American labor law
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A former member of President Barack Obama’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) warned policymakers Wednesday that unions and Obama’s labor appointees could undermine the principles of worker choice by transforming U.S. labor law.

Stalking Workers

NLRB hears from labor organizer convicted of stalking
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Democrats called on the expertise of a union organizer convicted of stalking to defend policies that would make it easier for labor groups to obtain personal information of workers and speed up elections.

Cease and Desist

NLRB orders UFCW to stop ‘restraining and coercing employees’ while protesting
Most of the Walmart black friday protesters did not work at Walmart

The National Labor Relations Board has filed a complaint against a major union for using front groups to stage disruptive Black Friday protests in a Michigan Walmart.

Gas Attack

Column: How Democratic donors benefit financially from climate policy
Tom Steyer, George Soros, John Podesta / AP

Some lies just won’t go away. In February the Washington Post published an article with the following headline: “Why There’s No Democratic Version of the Koch Brothers’ Organization.” It was the umpteenth attempt to explain, in a particularly simplistic manner, how the millionaires and billionaires who donate money to the Democratic Party are nothing, absolutely nothing, like those meanie cancer research philanthropists Charles and David Koch.

Manufacturing Outrage

Astroturf campaign targets fast food restaurants
Demonstrators protest outside of a Boston McDonalds / AP

Hundreds of demonstrators at fast food restaurants around the country alleging that restaurant managers regularly steal employee wages are actually astroturfed protesters agitating in favor of a higher minimum wage, critics said.