Anti-Israel Leaders Hosted at State Dept. Seeking to Drive Wedge in U.S.-Israel Alliance

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

The State Department’s recent hosting of an American Muslim organization known for its anti-Israel stance and support of boycotts of the Jewish state has sparked concern from those close to the Trump administration that these advocacy groups are seeking to drive a wedge into the United States’ relationship with Israel, which has struck speed bumps since Rex Tillerson assumed control of America’s chief diplomatic agency, according to multiple sources who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon.

Activists Urge Timely Action from Tillerson on Efforts to Save Religious Minorities from ISIS

Catholic leaders and key human rights activists said they were encouraged by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s statement Tuesday that ISIS is one of the world’s biggest threats to religious freedom and is responsible for genocide, but added the administration must take action in the next few months to save minority religious groups in Iraq.

Lawmakers Press Trump Administration to Accelerate Aid to Religious Minorities in Iraq

Key lawmakers and human rights activists who have spent the last three years trying to help religious minorities the Islamic State killed in Iraq are gratified by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s recent recognition of the persecution as genocide and want to ensure it translates into helping the communities survive on the ground.