Iran Developing Advanced Nuclear Capabilities, Reducing Time to Weapon

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

Iran is believed to be developing advanced nuclear-related capabilities that could significantly reduce the time it needs to build a deliverable nuclear weapon, according to statements by Iranian officials that have fueled speculation among White House officials and nuclear experts that the landmark accord has heightened rather than reduced the Islamic Regime’s nuclear threat.

Russia Threatens Nuke Attack If U.S., NATO Enters Crimea

A Russian Yars RS-24 intercontinental ballistic missile system rides through Red Square during the Victory Day military parade in Moscow

Russian leaders are threatening to unleash a nuclear attack if the United States or its NATO allies enter the Ukrainian territory of Crimea, according to recent comments that appear to come in response to an increased military buildup by Western forces in the region.

Intel Report: Iran Refining Nuke Delivery System in Flagrant Violation of Ban

U.S. Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats

Iran is continuing to make critical technological strides in its efforts to perfect an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of delivering nuclear weapons over great distances, in violation of international prohibitions, according to the Director of National Intelligence, who informed Congress this week that the Islamic Republic “would choose ballistic missiles as its preferred method of delivering nuclear weapons.”