North Korea Burns John Kerry

Kerry takes it on the chin
John Kerry

North Korea is calling out Secretary of State John Kerry for having a “hideous lantern jaw” and for being a “wolf donning the mask of sheep,” according to the Associated Press.

North Korea May Be Close to Developing Nuclear Missile, Some Say

N. Korean leader Kim Jong Un at parliament session

SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korea, which this month threatened to carry out a fourth nuclear test, may be closer than previously thought to putting a nuclear warhead on a missile, some experts say, making a mockery of years of U.N. sanctions aimed at curbing such a program.

Hearing: Electric Grid Vulnerable to EMP

Witness: Could kill 9 in 10 Americans

Experts on Capitol Hill Thursday warned that an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack aimed at the nation’s electrical grid could leave the majority of Americans dead.

China Signals Plan to Sanction North Korea for Tests

Harsh anti-US rhetoric by North Korea indicates pressure to curtail nuclear, missile tests
N. Korean leader Kim Jong Un at parliament session

China has signaled that it will impose international and unilateral sanctions on North Korea if Pyongyang follows through with announced plans to set off a fourth underground nuclear test.

Report: N. Korea Has Nuclear Warheads for Missiles

ICBMS can reach Hawaii, Alaska, and western United States
Kim Jong Un

North Korea has developed nuclear weapons capable of being launched on its ballistic missile forces, according to a new report by a defense analyst.

North, South Korea Trade Artillery Rounds into the Sea

Passengers watch a television program showing reports on North Korea's plan to conduct live-fire drills, at a railway station in Seoul

SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korea fired more than 100 artillery rounds into South Korean waters as part of a drill on Monday, prompting the South to fire back, officials in Seoul said, but the exercise appeared to be more saber rattling from Pyongyang rather than the start of a military standoff.

Japan Responds to Nork Missile Launch

North Korean ballistic missiles on parade / AP

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he ordered his government to confirm the safety of airplanes and ships that were potentially in the area of a North Korean missile launch, Jiji News said on Wednesday.