‘Green Room’ Review

Green Room

An unknown punk band from the D.C. suburbs awakes to find their van in the middle of a cornfield. The driver, taking them across the country on a mildly unsuccessful tour, passed out at the wheel. Light on cash but heavy on moxie, two punks head to a skating rink to siphon gas so they can make their next gig—a lightly attended show at a restaurant that nets each member a few bucks.

‘Hardcore Henry’ Review

Your friend and humble narrator is forced to viddy 'Hardcore Henry'

You could argue that one of the first films ever made, the Lumières’ Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat, was shot from a first person perspective: that of an individual next to some tracks, watching the train come in. Indeed, the effect of the train bearing down on an individual was so shocking that audiences supposedly (read: apocryphally) leapt out of their seats in fear, running from the hall screaming like savages bewitched by a new technology.

‘Midnight Special’ Review

Midnight Special

Midnight Special is a film that touches on many subjects. Faith and freedom and fear and the federal government’s watchful eye, for starters. But director Jeff Nichols’ latest—like his previous features, Take Shelter and Mud—is mainly a film about family disintegration and repair, about the stresses a family endures and the lengths we will go to keep our wards safe.

‘10 Cloverfield Lane’ Review

10 Cloverfield Lane

Cloverfield (2008) was a masterpiece of movie marketing rather than moviemaking. A found footage flick with a Godzilla twist, it grabbed a huge opening weekend thanks to an innovative marketing campaign laden with Internet-based games and trailers that revealed little of the plot—and less of the monster terrorizing New York.

‘Knight of Cups’ Review

Knights of Cups

“Do you imagine your suffering will be any less because you loved goodness? Truth?” a Japanese soldier ponders in a voiceover after his position is overrun at Guadalcanal in The Thin Red Line. It’s a line that could sum up much of Terrence Malick’s work.