‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Review

Jeff Victor

Mad Max: Fury Road doesn’t exactly feel like a narrative feature film. There are no character arcs to speak of. The plot is about as barebones as can be: Get from point A to point B, and don’t die. Dialogue is minimal. Motivations are obvious and unchanging and largely unexplored, which isn’t a problem given the production’s interest in the basest of instincts—the eternal social struggle between freedom and slavery.

‘Maggie’ Review


Maggie opens with Wade (Arnold Schwarzenegger) searching a ruined American city for his daughter. In snippets of overheard radio chatter and newspaper headlines, we gather that a virus that turns people into zombies has overrun the world. The disease acts slowly; on average it takes eight weeks for the infected to turn into the undead.

Review: ‘It Follows’

It Follows

It Follows is the best throwback to ’80s slasher flicks since the Me Decade ended. Eschewing the self-aware humor of Scream and Cabin in the Woods and skipping the camp qualities that marred so many of the reboots and re-imaginings and homages of recent years, It Follows embraces the horrifying nature of unstoppable, implacable evil.

‘The Gunman’ Review

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 3.39.39 PM

Even for an action movie, The Gunman is ridiculously, almost courageously, dumb. It’s also boring. So it’s got that going for it.