‘Deepwater Horizon’ Review

Deepwater Horizon

Deepwater Horizon isn’t really an action-adventure film, or a disaster movie. Not quite. Rather, it’s a horror film. It’s about a struggle for survival against an implacable, relentless foe. Or foes, really: the pent up energy of billions of barrels of oil beneath the ocean floor on the one hand; callous corporations on the other.

‘The Magnificent Seven’ Review

The Magnificent 7

It’s an old story, tried and true and not yet tired: that of an outsider, or several of them, coming to town to defeat evil and protect the innocent from the wicked. The Magnificent Seven is of course a remake of The Magnificent Seven, itself a remake of Seven Samurai, but it could just as easily be a remake or a reimagining or a reboot of Shane or Tombstone or High Noon or Rio Bravo or Open Range or any number of classic and modern westerns.

‘Sully’ Review


Sully is an odd movie in that the stakes are simultaneously low and high. High because of the 155 souls aboard US Airways flight 1549 as it plunged toward the Hudson River; low because we know that Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) saves every last one of them.

Chris Pine, Star

Art by Gary Locke

Chris Pine is a man born slightly out of time: In a different era, he could have been a Harrison Ford- or Mel Gibson-style megastar, equally capable of inducing excitement and laughter in audiences through sheer force of personality. In this era, he’ll have to settle for being one of our more interesting A-list actors, anchoring huge franchises and smaller pictures within weeks of each other.

‘Jason Bourne’ Review

Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) looks old. Or maybe weathered is a more appropriate term: his skin tone matches the desolate, sandy camp in which we see him first. He’s been traveling the backwaters of Europe winning bare-knuckle boxing bouts with one-punch power, like a spec-ops Pikey. He is punishing himself for his sins, and trying to regain the memories his government took from him and set right his wrongs.