‘Jupiter Ascending’ Review

Jupiter ascending final

Jupiter Ascending is a totally nuts, lavishly costumed, deeply funny, completely campy, ridiculously dense space opera that is, more or less, about evil businessmen trying to destroy the Earth and about love saving it. It is so nuts and lush and weird that there is almost no chance it will find an audience in theaters. It demands repeat viewings. It practically screams Basic Cable Classic.

‘Leviathan’ Review

Illustration by Gary Locke

“The best one-liner in Leviathan comes in the opening credits,” the New Yorker’s Anthony Lane noted in his review of the Russian entry for best foreign language picture at this year’s Oscars. “Reportedly, as much as 35 percent of the budget was supplied by government funding. This is like Kazakhstan using oil revenues to pay for Borat.”

‘Blackhat’ Review

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Blackhat opens in China, where a hacker has infiltrated the computer system of a nuclear power plant. He destroys the pumps that manage the cooling system, causing the plant to overheat and explode. But it’s unclear why he does this. No demands are made, no political motivations offered. A short time later, the same code is used to infiltrate and manipulate a futures market in America. Whoever is on the other end of the keyboard makes off with about $76 million in winnings.

The Year in Movies

Final Best of 2014 Band

We’re now in Oscar season, when we’re treated to period films with big messages, prestige dramas with serious points. The Imitation Game, Unbroken, Selma, Theory of Everything: some or all of these films will rack up nominations at the Academy Awards. And they are totally fine, perfectly competent films. I’d expect a late push for Selma—aesthetically on par with a decent television movie, featuring a few stirring performances and no memorable images—thanks to its timeliness. I mean, the film literally closes with a song that has a line about Ferguson. How can that not win?